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About the Lab

Designing student-centered experiences

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Student-centric design leads to better student outcomes.

The Student Centered Design Lab helps its partners empathize with and understand students’ diverse needs, incorporating student input into their designs. 

Following a human-centered design thinking process, the Lab guides its partners toward more equitable designs and more efficient implementation of student-centered solutions.

Launched in 2019 with funding from College Futures Foundation, the Lab is housed and operated by the Foundation for California Community Colleges – the official auxiliary nonprofit of the California Community Colleges’ Board of Governors and Chancellor’s Office. It is located in downtown Sacramento, CA.

Guiding a culture of student-centric design

The Lab is overseen by a Guidance Group comprised of leaders within the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, which meets quarterly to set system design and research priorities.

A group of Senior Advisors including community college faculty and staff, industry leaders, and equity-focused advocates within both sectors is being developed to advise the Lab team also. Contact the Lab to learn more about becoming a Lab Senior Advisor.