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Lab Guidance Group

The Lab is overseen by a Guidance Group composed of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and Foundation for California Community College executive team members. The Guidance Group meets quarterly to ensure the Lab stays closely connected to system priorities and initiatives.

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

  • Marty Alvarado

    Executive Vice Chancellor, Equitable Student Learning, Experience, and Impact Office

    Alvarado is responsible for agency-wide policies and programs related to student support, instructional delivery, and curriculum to increase student success rates.

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  • Paul Feist

    Vice Chancellor, Office of Communications & Marketing

    Feist develops communications strategies that keep the public, the community colleges and their partners, and other key stakeholders informed of system news and accomplishments.

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  • John Hetts, Ph.D.

    Senior Director, Data Science

    Along with being a visiting executive, Hetts is also senior director of data science for multiple organizations.

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  • Aisha Lowe, Ph.D.

    Vice Chancellor, Equitable Student Learning, Experience, and Impact Office

    Lowe provides leadership for activities including global education, technology strategic planning, and more.

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  • Valerie Lundy-Wagner, Ph.D.

    Vice Chancellor, Digital Innovation and Infrastructure

    Lundy-Wagner is a nationally recognized researcher on equity in higher education and how it connects to K-12 and workforce development.

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  • Rebecca Ruan-O’Shaughnessy, J.D.

    Vice Chancellor, Equitable Student Learning, Experience, and Impact Office

    Ruan-O’Shaughnessy’s work has been at the intersection of policy design, strategic planning and project implementation, with an emphasis on catalyzing economic empowerment and social mobility.

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Foundation for California Community Colleges

  • Sandra Fried

    Vice President, Student Success Center

    Fried has comprehensively built the Student Success Center team to support student success-focused initiatives to increase community college completion rates.

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  • Bryan Miller

    Vice President, Communications and Technology

    Miller’s focus on partnership development and oversight of the Foundation’s marketing, communications, and technology efforts directly support greater access and success for California Community College students.

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